Liberty Technotron s.r.o.
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    The Group Liberty is a significant manufacturer of cold-rolled sheets. Deep-drawing steels, steels for electrotechnics and galvanized earth strips and wires represent production portfolio.
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    Manufacture programme results from long tradition of oriented transformer sheets upgrading uses in electrical industry.
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    The Company Liberty Technotron s.r.o. based in Frýdek-Místek is a 100 % subsidiary of nowadays company Liberty Ostrava a.s. (before Valcovny Plechu).
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    Cores of magnetic circuits, Stacked cores, Toroidal Cores, Unicore Cores

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The most important aspects for our cooperation with partners are customer care, collective growth, cooperation on projects and collective negotiation of high targets. Liberty Technotron s.r.o. is ideal partner for clients who prefer high quality of products and services.

The company's long-term goal consists in a prosperous, well-performed and marketing-managed company satisfying our company's needs and expectations with an emphasis on quality, timeliness of supplies and optimization of payment terms and conditions.

Liberty Technotron s.r.o. is situated in Moravskoslezský region about 20 kilometers southwest from Ostrava. Our company occupies about 4000 m2 and employs about 70 employees.